The Many Faces of Mothering Part 4


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you sweet, hard working mamas! Today and through this series, we celebrate you…your journey, your sacrifices, your love, your faithfulness, your trust in the Lord. (If you are just joining us, get caught up with part 1, part 2, and part 3)Wendy Munsell blesses us with sweet encouragement and a reminder that God’s plans are always best.

Far More Abundantly

If anyone had told me when I was a girl that I would grow up to have seven kids and eventually 18 grandchildren I would have said they were crazy! The only families I had ever heard of that were that large were on TV. And although family life as portrayed on The Walton’s and The Brady Bunch looked fascinating it was certainly never anything I longed for myself.


Besides, I had a plan. I was going to grow up and become a brain surgeon! That was the most difficult and important sounding job I could think when I was a child and I desperately wanted, no, needed, to be someone who mattered.


But God interrupted my craving for validation and status with His own plans for my greater good.

The Many Faces of Mothering

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The Many Faces of Mothering Part 3

Mothering is a journey like no other, a calling. The details are unique, yet the struggles are oh so similar. We’re in this together, moms. Our paths may look different, but our hearts want the best for our kids. Be the mom who God designed you to be and support the moms, different as they may be, around you. Today, we continue in our series to celebrate the calling of motherhood (read part 1 here or part 2 here). Lisa Brown reminds us of important truths to cling to on our journey.

Being A Mom by Lisa Brown

Just recently I asked a group of moms what they do for their children’s bedtime routine. I compared what I do with their ideas and I fell short. I don’t give my kids vitamins every night and I forget to have them brush their teeth. Things like this used to make me feel like a failure. And sometimes it still does.

I’d like to say that I don’t struggle with perfection or comparing myself to other moms. But I do struggle with both of these things. Some days I beat myself up more than other days. I know that I’m not always going to measure up to my own expectations. I’m not a failure. I’m just another mom who doesn’t always get it right.

God is leading me to confront my children in love and hold them accountable.  

The Many Faces of Mothering

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The Many Faces of Mothering Part 2

Mothering is a beautiful journey, full of messes and love and heartache and joy. Although the world often focuses on “rights and wrongs” of mothering, we want to celebrate mothers everywhere who are brave enough to trust in the Lord. In this series (see part 1 here), we celebrate you, mama!

Following is the beautiful journey of Liz Jones.

My journey as a mother is not unlike most I’m sure. It consisted of a series of stumbling, falling, getting up again, dancing, soaring, running and crying on my knees moments. I wish I could say that every move I made, I covered in prayer, sought out the best support and advice and stayed consistent in my own relationship with the Lord throughout, but that would be misleading. I found that the Lord found me unprepared and needy and pulled me up, nurtured me and taught me along the way, as so often He does whenever we do anything new!

The Many Faces of Mothering

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Before children, if asked what physical attribute I liked best about myself, I would have absolutely chosen my hair. It was thick, straight, long, and blonde. While I knew it didn’t define me, it was definitely part of my picture. I imagined myself someday holding angelic babies, as my hair lay ever so gently at my side, a peaceful smile on my face.  It was a beautiful image.

Reality was a bit different. My hair began to curl during my first pregnancy, not a soft wave, mind you. Kinky curls draped the back of my head and then slowly worked their way over the rest. The in between was quite a sight! It actually gets thicker and curlier with each pregnancy. (Have I mentioned I have 6 children?) What was once smooth and sleek, is now big and crazy.


Join me over at Me Too Moments For Moms…

Washing Away Fear

Dripping with Peace

She emerged dripping wet and beaming light, while sporting the most peaceful smile. In this moment, all was as it should be, for her…for all of us there. It was the beginning and an ending all at once.

Since living on an island in the Pacific this past year, the ocean has changed for me. What was once a source of tranquility has become a place of unpredictable danger. We’ve seen beaches laden with jelly fish and the wounded in enough pain to be in shock. We’ve heard of shark attacks reported in the very spots we splashed and played just days before. We’ve watched 15 foot swells come out of nowhere, knocking tourists into the rocks, and we’ve prayed as medics rushed the sand. The serenity and light that beams from the ocean can so often be overshadowed by the darkness that surrounds us. Tranquility is no longer the emotion I feel near the ocean. Now I find myself on edge. Nervous. Anxious.

But, on this day…on this day, I felt peace. No fears consumed me. Jesus was ever present in that water and a joyful serenity overtook us all. A sea turtle even followed us out to the baptism site, and in spite of our efforts to abide by the 20 ft distance restriction, he pursued our steps, chasing my sweet Maggie with a zealous, yet gentle spirit. This day, we felt God’s promises and took notice of nothing but that.

Five days later, terror struck in Paris, and my heart sank down into the pit of my stomach.

Join me at Me Too Moments for Moms to see how in the midst of chaos and terror, we can cling to something other than fear…and experience peace and freedom.

Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays; A Hawaii Adventure

Monstrous waves crashed the boat up and down as though our purchase had been tickets for an unsteady carnival ride.

I peered out over the back of the boat, just a net draped across the rear. It was the middle of the Pacific at sunset and the ocean was anxious. I glanced at the passengers on the boat that were clearly green, imagining how they must be dreading the rest of the ride and feeling grateful that my stomach had not joined theirs. It was 25 minutes to reach our destination. Instructions and wet suits were distributed. The sun set before us and the ocean and air blended into a nearly unified black. The time had come to get in.

Night snorkeling with Manta Rays

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