Before children, if asked what physical attribute I liked best about myself, I would have absolutely chosen my hair. It was thick, straight, long, and blonde. While I knew it didn’t define me, it was definitely part of my picture. I imagined myself someday holding angelic babies, as my hair lay ever so gently at my side, a peaceful smile on my face.  It was a beautiful image.

Reality was a bit different. My hair began to curl during my first pregnancy, not a soft wave, mind you. Kinky curls draped the back of my head and then slowly worked their way over the rest. The in between was quite a sight! It actually gets thicker and curlier with each pregnancy. (Have I mentioned I have 6 children?) What was once smooth and sleek, is now big and crazy.


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Yay Mama!

When she took her first steps, she stopped to clap for herself. After rolling a ball, she claps. Tell her to blow a kiss and you’ll get the sweetest little kiss joyfully blown your way, and happy applauding to follow.

She sees herself the loving way we see her, the way God sees her in all her beauty.

Join me over at Me Too Moments for Moms as I talk about the way our self image changes over the years, and how we need to hold onto who we are in Christ.

Yay Mama!

Washing Away Fear

Dripping with Peace

She emerged dripping wet and beaming light, while sporting the most peaceful smile. In this moment, all was as it should be, for her…for all of us there. It was the beginning and an ending all at once.

Since living on an island in the Pacific this past year, the ocean has changed for me. What was once a source of tranquility has become a place of unpredictable danger. We’ve seen beaches laden with jelly fish and the wounded in enough pain to be in shock. We’ve heard of shark attacks reported in the very spots we splashed and played just days before. We’ve watched 15 foot swells come out of nowhere, knocking tourists into the rocks, and we’ve prayed as medics rushed the sand. The serenity and light that beams from the ocean can so often be overshadowed by the darkness that surrounds us. Tranquility is no longer the emotion I feel near the ocean. Now I find myself on edge. Nervous. Anxious.

But, on this day…on this day, I felt peace. No fears consumed me. Jesus was ever present in that water and a joyful serenity overtook us all. A sea turtle even followed us out to the baptism site, and in spite of our efforts to abide by the 20 ft distance restriction, he pursued our steps, chasing my sweet Maggie with a zealous, yet gentle spirit. This day, we felt God’s promises and took notice of nothing but that.

Five days later, terror struck in Paris, and my heart sank down into the pit of my stomach.

Join me at Me Too Moments for Moms to see how in the midst of chaos and terror, we can cling to something other than fear…and experience peace and freedom.

When We Are Called

Called to Holy Work

“Even you can understand that work in the church is of greater importance than work done in the secular world.”

The words hung in the air for a moment, like a shocking Sunday comic balloon. My gracious husband just smiled. I didn’t know how to respond. These words were from a pastor, a pastor we had come to have great respect.

The conversation moved on from there and we never revisited it with him. It was a church we had frequented for only a short time before God called us elsewhere. I’ve replayed the conversation in my head from time to time. I actually don’t think that sweet, man of the cloth, meant to be demeaning to us at all. I think He meant to have us understand the weight of responsibility that resides on His shoulders, the shoulders of one called to lead the lost and shepherd the found. He was certainly called to holy work, work that no doubt kept him up in prayer, visiting hospital beds, reaching out to lost souls. I’m certain it strained and weighed and drove him nearer to the cross, which I’m sure is what he meant.

Those words stung though. What if God doesn’t call us to be a pastor or missionary? Are we somehow less than?

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The Ripples and Sticky Dough of Motherhood

Today I am over at Me Too Moments for Moms joining an amazing group of ladies who glorify God through their words and their lives. It is an honor to sling words for Christ alongside ladies who so clearly mother with Him in mind.

Ripples and Sticky Dough

My tone stung the sweet ones.

I was sinking fast.

Swept by a tidal wave of irritation in the face of disobedience, I felt myself drowning in anger. Exhaustion hung on every cell of my body. All I could think about was how I wanted this moment to be over so I could rest my weary bones and forget about this day. I had abandoned all desire of an elegant and responsible exit, now I just wanted out. Emotions washed over me as I gazed at their little faces, blood rushing into mine and ready to send them off to bed so we could start fresh in the morning.

Then, I felt it; a hand pulling me up out of those rushing waters, swiftly through those wild waves of emotion. Air filled my lungs and my blood flowed freely for the first time in moments. I exhaled. We prayed. My flesh was raw and vulnerable; my eyes back where they belonged.

This mothering thing is so much harder than I imagined. Keep reading at Me Too Moments for Moms.



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