Washing Away Fear

Dripping with Peace

She emerged dripping wet and beaming light, while sporting the most peaceful smile. In this moment, all was as it should be, for her…for all of us there. It was the beginning and an ending all at once.

Since living on an island in the Pacific this past year, the ocean has changed for me. What was once a source of tranquility has become a place of unpredictable danger. We’ve seen beaches laden with jelly fish and the wounded in enough pain to be in shock. We’ve heard of shark attacks reported in the very spots we splashed and played just days before. We’ve watched 15 foot swells come out of nowhere, knocking tourists into the rocks, and we’ve prayed as medics rushed the sand. The serenity and light that beams from the ocean can so often be overshadowed by the darkness that surrounds us. Tranquility is no longer the emotion I feel near the ocean. Now I find myself on edge. Nervous. Anxious.

But, on this day…on this day, I felt peace. No fears consumed me. Jesus was ever present in that water and a joyful serenity overtook us all. A sea turtle even followed us out to the baptism site, and in spite of our efforts to abide by the 20 ft distance restriction, he pursued our steps, chasing my sweet Maggie with a zealous, yet gentle spirit. This day, we felt God’s promises and took notice of nothing but that.

Five days later, terror struck in Paris, and my heart sank down into the pit of my stomach.

Join me at Me Too Moments for Moms to see how in the midst of chaos and terror, we can cling to something other than fear…and experience peace and freedom.

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