Shaken Faith

I’ve been away from writing for a while, but I’m excited to be back. Join me over at The Family Road Map where I’m sharing about finding faith in the midst of a scary illness.

Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at me across the table. Her thoughts were roaming as she awaited her turn. Aces played and then a diamond run to compliment my hand. I stared back at her as one after another took their turn with the hand they were dealt. She’s a natural card player, almost always beating the rest of us. At only 9 she’s found the ability to focus on what is in front of her and foresee the possibilities to come.

But this night, something else was on her mind. “What if you get sick again?

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In God’s Hands; Casting My Anxiety on the Almighty

Like an atomic cockroach, anxiety took up permanent residence in my life after I became a mom.

I felt so blessed by this family. I clung tight to my fears of losing them or them losing me. I worried about their safety, their health, their future.  I struggled to release those worries to the Lord. At times, it robbed me of opportunities…opportunities for adventure, opportunities to serve, opportunities to respond to my callings. Then, I stared those fears right in the face. I walked the outside edge of a storm that I never wanted to experience, never knowing if it was going to shatter my world. I held tight to the Lord and learned to lean on Him through all things. Sometimes God heals through the storm. Join me at Me Too Moments for Moms for the series, God Calm My Anxious Heart.

In God's Hands

There was a knot in his cord.

It was my third baby, a baby boy. So many others were also pregnant; my best friend, sister-in-law, cousins. All due in the 6 weeks before me. It was exciting to think of us all having little ones the same age, but anxiety overcame me. What if ours didn’t make it? What if something happened to my baby and I had to watch all these other babies grow up? I worried during the whole pregnancy that I would lose my little boy at the end. I prayed that the Lord wouldn’t make me walk through that storm. I just couldn’t bear it. Please Lord, not that.

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