The Many Faces of Mothering Part 4


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you sweet, hard working mamas! Today and through this series, we celebrate you…your journey, your sacrifices, your love, your faithfulness, your trust in the Lord. (If you are just joining us, get caught up with part 1, part 2, and part 3)Wendy Munsell blesses us with sweet encouragement and a reminder that God’s plans are always best.

Far More Abundantly

If anyone had told me when I was a girl that I would grow up to have seven kids and eventually 18 grandchildren I would have said they were crazy! The only families I had ever heard of that were that large were on TV. And although family life as portrayed on The Walton’s and The Brady Bunch looked fascinating it was certainly never anything I longed for myself.


Besides, I had a plan. I was going to grow up and become a brain surgeon! That was the most difficult and important sounding job I could think when I was a child and I desperately wanted, no, needed, to be someone who mattered.


But God interrupted my craving for validation and status with His own plans for my greater good.

The Many Faces of Mothering

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Life Giving Words, The Power of Words to Bring Encouragement

There is a time when the house is still. The kids are snug in their beds and exhaustion meets us where we lay. In those moments the words come. Life giving words. The words that didn’t flow as easily in the business of our hurried day. The words that need to be said more often than now. Words that build up and set hearts in motion.

I appreciate you.

          You’re funny.

                   You amaze me.

                           God designed you for this.

                                     You are a blessing.

                                                 I love you.

Life Giving Words New

Life giving words.

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