The Many Faces of Mothering Series… Part 1

Motherhood has a way of finding us in places we never thought we’d be. It sneaks into the weakest parts of our being and strangles truths that had somehow always gone unnoticed. It has us bursting for joy and wiping away tears from one moment to the next. It is perhaps the greatest appointment we will ever know and yet, it leaves our souls aching…wondering who we were before, who we will be later, how we will balance it all.

Mothering is so complex that the faces who bear the journey can blur together to form one group of commonalities, bonding individuals that would have otherwise never connected. Yet, the journeys look so completely different, that there is no simple definition of how to walk through it. Today we begin a series to explore The Many Faces of Mothering.

The Many Faces of Mothering

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