Shaken Faith

I’ve been away from writing for a while, but I’m excited to be back. Join me over at The Family Road Map where I’m sharing about finding faith in the midst of a scary illness.

Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at me across the table. Her thoughts were roaming as she awaited her turn. Aces played and then a diamond run to compliment my hand. I stared back at her as one after another took their turn with the hand they were dealt. She’s a natural card player, almost always beating the rest of us. At only 9 she’s found the ability to focus on what is in front of her and foresee the possibilities to come.

But this night, something else was on her mind. “What if you get sick again?

What if you get this stomach virus and it makes you sick again?” She choked back her crackling voice and gazed at me for answers. I quieted her for the moment, “I’m ok, baby girl.” Her eyes still questioning as she looked at me as though we were the only two at the table. “Hey, Mama’s ok.”

It seemed to settle her for the moment, but I knew there would be more to follow. Our turns resumed and after a while we called it a night before any of us reached 500. I found her still shaken in the dark of her room, anxiety brimming. I hate that she’s like this, that a little bit of darkness had to creep into her light filled innocence.

“Why did God let you get sick in the first place when you love Him so much?”

Join me over at The Family Road Map to see how I answered this difficult question.


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