About Brandy

Hi Friend!

I’m so glad you’re here. I bet you walk through your day wondering if you’re really noticed. You’re working so hard, trying to be the very best you that you can be. You’re giving your all to this call of mothering and hoping and praying its enough. But, you wonder, don’t you? You run kids to and from sports, do umpteen loads of laundry, prepare meals, clean up messes, mold and shape these young people. You’re pulled in a million different directions and just trying to keep it all together. You look at all those posts on Facebook, the ones with the smiling faces, successes and wins. You celebrate the other people in your life and all of their blessings and accomplishments, but you worry you’re not doing enough. In this world of snapshots and Pinterest parties, no one ever posts the mounds of laundry that never seem to get done, or the arguments in the car on the way to church. No one really talks about the struggles inside the blessings…but they’re there, and not just for you. We’re all just doing our best…in our beautiful messes.

The Lord occasionally blesses me with wisdom when it comes to faith and family, but my execution of that gift is often flawed and quite messy. Yes, almost always messy. Seven kids messy. Need more patience messy. Can’t believe we have this much laundry. Messy. I am a work in progress. Forever being molded by my potter. Sometimes needing to start all over again (You know, those days).  So, please keep that in mind as you read my words here on this blog. My good days are only by the grace of God. My tough days, a testament to how He can carry us through. Broken, but redeemed by a Savior. What you’ll find here, on this blog, is real life. Ups and downs. With kids. With faith.

God planted a passion in my heart many years ago to raise up children that know and love Him. A passion to encourage others on their journey to do the same. It is a balancing act to pursue a relationship with Jesus, nurture a marriage, and train up children in faith. A balancing act that is so much easier with the encouragement of an intentional community. This is what drives me and gets me out of bed after sleepless nights. This is the passion that had God calling me to lead a Moms Ministry and a Parents Ministry for 6 years at a mega church in Ohio. This passion drives me to keep my eyes focused on Him even on the craziest of days.

The chaos. The mayhem. The fun. It’s all a bonus.

16 Years of Marriage to My Best Friend

I am married to my best friend. He is my greatest encourager. He pushes me to think outside the box, to dare to blur lines and find the gray. He inspires me. I sometimes nudge him back inside those same lines and shower him with colorful vantage points. We balance each other. We also challenge each other and hold on tight to this marriage even on the toughest days. He is the hardest working man I know. A man of faith. And the cause of much of the fun and mayhem mentioned above.

Our 7 Blessings

This is our crazy crew. They are the cause of the chaos. And the joy. And some more chaos. And oh so much fun. Seven blessings in 11 years. It’s a noisy house with abundant love. The house I prayed for in my little girl dreams. Prayers for a noisy home filled with loud voices, laughter, and the pitter patter of little feet. Oh, how The Lord answers prayers. Our days aren’t always smooth. And I may have mentioned that they can be messy. But, even on the days that didn’t go as planned, I almost always lay my sleepy head down overwhelmed by my blessings.

I have the honor of homeschooling this bunch. Which adds to the fun and the mess.  I am continuously humbled by God’s grace on our days. I am often so ill equipped for the tasks at hand. He is so good. Homeschooling, for us, has been an example of His provision within a calling.

Three years ago we answered a call from the Lord. After living comfortably in Ohio all our lives, the Lord asked us to take a leap. To say goodbye to all we had known. We dared to trust His calling, moved from family and friends, sold 90% of our belongings, and started a new life across the world. The big island of Hawaii is now our home. I know. I know. What an amazing calling. I mean it’s not like we trekked through the desert to get here. And, it’s not Nineveh. It’s true. It has been quite the unexpected blessing. But, it has also been one of the hardest things we have ever done. Here, we’ll share how allowing the Lord to give us a new picture has had it’s struggles, but has blessed us beyond measure.

My People

At the end of the day the truest thing about me is that I am a daughter to the Most High King. That is the truest thing about you too. And, if we can work together to resist the worldly labels from taking up residence within us. If we can ignore the enemy’s words that threaten to suffocate God’s calling on our lives. If we can allow His truth to swallow us. To struggle. To crave Jesus. To know ourselves as His. If we will allow ourselves to drown in His grace. Oh, the sweetness we will experience.

You are noticed. God see you and loves all that you are.

Let’s walk this journey together.